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During summertime in Seattle it is baseball season all the way. There is nothing better than a hot summer afternoon watching a baseball game with a hotdog. Unless you’re a baseball player – then that’s the best thing in the world!

That’s right, it beats spectating. However, if you are an infielder making errors all day long, that can be embarrassing. For that reason, we wanted to show you how to become a better infielder.

Regardless of the position you play in the infield, there are always the fundamentals that you need to master. For example, fielding a ground ball and catching a pop fly. These are skills that you can work on and improve, if you know the proper techniques associated with them.

Fielding Grounders

If you’re an infielder, chances are you will see some action during every game. That action most of the time will be a ground ball coming your way, or in your vicinity.

Knowing the proper fundamentals in baseball will improve your performance. Mind Fuse Baseball is a great source to learn the fundamentals of baseball, along with equipment and product reviews.

The best thing for you to do is be prepared and ready to take on the play. The last thing you want to do is not be ready.

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Mentally Prepare Yourself

Before every pitch you should be visualizing making a play. You should want the ball to come your way. If you are experiencing negative thoughts and not wanting the ball hit at you, you should re-consider playing baseball. This is a common fear, but also a fear that drives players out of the game for good.

If you have a positive mindset, you are setting yourself up for success and fun at the same time. You will also be a player your teammates can count on.

Move Your Feet

Always be moving your feet before the ground ball comes to you. Be on the attack at all times. If you move your feet, it allows you to be in the right position and not take any “bad hops.” If you are constantly getting bad breaks and balls jumping up at the “worst time” then you need to start moving your feet more.

You can also help yourself get in position to make the throw at the correct angle if you move your feet the right way. Be on the balls of your feet and be ready to take on the ground ball. Attack it!

Glove Down

This is a really big mistake many infielders make before fielding a ground ball. The glove must be down and ready to scoop it from the dirt, or grass. It should be in a position where it can cleanly pick the ball from the ground. Use all of the pocket.

Chances are you will have a slightly smaller glove if you play the infield. That means you should take full advantage of the whole pocket. When you get a little better, you will start to learn how to use the palm of the glove. This helps you get the ball out quicker when throwing.

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Use Two Hands

A common mistake among most infielders. Use both of your hands, but use them efficiently. You don’t need to take on every ground ball with two hands, but have that throwing hand around that glove so you can get the ball and throw it fast.

It’s a misconception that most players fail to understand. Just use your other hand to make it quicker to throw the ball to where it needs to be. This goes for fielding ground balls and catching from your teammates.

Quick Release

This is for the more advanced players. The faster you can get the ball in and out of your glove, the better you will be. Infielders tend to have quick hands, but if you want to play at a higher level, this is a must. You simply don’t have much time to make the throw, turn two or flip the ball when you have to.

Take these lessons and you will be a better infielder. There’s no denying that infielders need to have nailed the fundamentals in order to become successful. Reach your goals and help your teammates by sharing this article.

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